Set a new standard for safer, higher quality products.

Atlas combines traditional QMS functionality with flexible workflows, so you can deploy a modern, efficient, and paperless quality management for your entire team.
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How much data is your company storing on paper every day? Think about it. You may be using paper for...

Between printing logs, SOPs, batch runs, calibrations, test results, incidents and audits — that's a lot of paper to keep track of. And it's data you could learn from!

Going paperless bridges the gap between the oversight and profitability of your products — so you can stay competitive without sacrificing quality.

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Build your company's Atlas to simplify compliance

Dramatically decrease your liability. Your Atlas Awaits.

The story of every product you manufacture, process, or sell comes down to the data collected and the records you keep. The best way to decrease liability is to make sure your story is bullet proof.

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Build an Atlas that ensures consistency and mitigates risk through transparency.

Write Policies and SOPs

Control important documents with built-in change control and custom approval processes.

Build Forms for Anything

Capture real-time data from batch runs, CAPAs, customer complaints, spec sheets, supplier qualifications, visitor sign-ins, and more.

Track Employee Training

Assign and monitor employee training activities, whether they're Read-and-Understand, on the job, or One-on-One.

Automate Schedules

Create smart forms to capture real-time data

Delegate Tasks

Assign any type of task to your employees, and track their progress from anywhere.

Customize Databases

Manage equipment, inventory, parts, suppliers, and more using custom databases.

Achieve radical compliance, instantly

Stop relying on employees to “remember” the right way to do things. Distill each process into a simplified workflow, then train & set priorities for your team with the push of a button.

Demo Atlas

Build an Atlas that automates data collection for everything

If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.

Paper based-systems are full of data gaps and inefficiencies that cost time, money, manpower and other precious resources that you can’t afford to waste.

Consumers demand better, safer products.

Paper based data is impossible to analyze in a holistic and rapid way. The only way to make consistently safe, high quality products is with an Atlas to better quality management system.

Transparent pricing.
No hidden fees.

Standard Users
Per Month
Billed annually
Access Documents
Track and record Trainings
Tasks and Forms for every process
Text, signature, barcode, and image capture
Contact Sales
This license is best for: Folks who perform tasks. Management staff, sales staff, production staff, HR staff, lab technicians, external contractors.
QA, Trainers, and Managers
Per Month
Billed annually
Everything from Standard, plus:
Build and deploy Forms and Documents
Manage Schedules and Checklists
Administrative Controls
Contact Sales
This license is best for: Folks who create the processes. Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Science Officers, COQ’s, FSQA’s, and other quality supervisors.

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